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Exclusive: peerliss speaks out on Maplestory
Topic Started: Jul 26 2008, 02:56 PM (10,364 Views)
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The link to this page is or click on Maplestory in the top menu.

(Summary: Founder and former leader of a successful Maplestory guild (the first 100-man guild in Bera) reveals his thoughts on the game.)

I should really be studying now (very behind with exams and badly need to cram), but I really needed to get this off my chest.

A game is meant to be fun. Maplestory is not meant to be a game. Instead, Maplestory is a chaotic MMO (Massively-Multiplayer Online) chatroom that has an addicting (not fun) grindfest.

Private servers have turned this grindfest from a expensive 5-year grind into a free 1-day lvling-spree to hit level 200. Players who play Maple for gaming can easily get their fulfillment in one day, and move on to real games.

However, people who play Maple for socializing will keep playing Maple. The effect of private servers on Maple will be that the gamers will quit and the socializers will stay.

But why is Maplestory's grindfest not fun? (note that I have played many games, good and bad, MMO and not)

  • Note 1: This list is to show that Maplestory's gaming aspect is not fun (but it may be addicting)
  • Note 2: This list does not say anything about Maplestory's socializing aspect (which is often both fun and addicting :) )
  • Note 3: This is not meant to be an exhaustive (or even extensive) list. If I were to make an exhaustive list, it would almost never be finished.
  • Here goes the first one: I should never have to log in twice to Maplestory just to log in.
  • Map-traveling is a must in a game like this. Just double-click to go to the town you want instead of having to buy NX. Don't charge for something as basic as this.
  • Guild events (or events in general) are too hard to organize. People need to be a certain place at a certain time to enter. You can only pap twice in 24 hours, zak twice in 24 hours, do 1 apq every 6 hours? Dumbest ideas ever. Only 1 PQ per channel? Make those things instanced (if you don't know what this term means but you view yourself as a gamer, play a real game and you'll find out). Four hours of "missing" Ludi PQ from clicking is retarded. Even if I get in as party leader, I feel like a clown clicking like mad to get my party in.
  • If leveling up is already not fun, at least make some fun things for high levels to do. No, nothing fun for a level 200 to do either, but quit. Going everywhere in a Red Draco making people F5 gets old after 5 minutes. Why bother?
  • Speaking of levels, what is up with the level limits for PQ's? Dumbest idea ever. So I've been 13x for 9 months now and since then they've released a handful of PQ's... all for a low level range. What's the point?
  • Don't even get me started on boss fights. I feel like a tool spamming 3 buttons (pot, party buff, and attack skill) for 30 minutes straight soloing Crow, much less the 2 hours needed on something like Horntail. Boss fights in Maple are not fun.
  • When suggesting maplers to play better games, frequently a response you get is "I don't wanna start all over again." This tells you how NOT fun it was for them reach their level in Maple. Of course, frequently these are the same players who in their lifetime have only played one game: Maple.
  • No skill involved whatsoever in this game. Please, button mashing does not involve skill. The only part that may involve skill is planning where and how to train to level up the fastest, but even that's hardly planning.
  • To make matters even worse, how is using the same skill to level up from 70-200 fun? And no, classes other than DK's do not have it much better.
  • CC'ing or changing a weapon or dropping an item is frustrating. You have to find a "safe spot" for a few seconds before you can do any of those things. But this was added into Maplestory to make it harder for hackers to hack. Tip to clueless Maplestory programmers: Deal with hackers the right way, NOT by making the game more frustrating for legit players!
  • The horrendous Nexon. If Nexon doesn't do anything about hackers, ksers, or scammers, then Nexon shouldn't pretend it cares by forbidding those types of things. Worst thing is, Nexon cares equally little about its paying customers.

Verdict 1: Maplestory is an MMO chatroom that has an addicting (not fun) grindfest.
Verdict 2: Mapling =/= Gaming. Mapling = Socializing or Grinding. A better name for Maplestory would be "ChatOrGrind."
Verdict 3: Players who play other games will also be happier when they are on Maple.

I know my tone may sound frustrated at times (which is why I called the Maplestory chatroom "chaotic") but that's only because I'm passionate about Peerless and, as a result, disappointed at Nexon/Wizet for ruining the potential of what could have been an awesome game that is fun to socialize in and fun to play in. As long as Nexon/Wizet stay incompetent and indifferent, Peerless will never achieve its true potential of providing a fully rewarding and fulfilling gaming experience. This means that much of my efforts on Peerless are wasted.

The bright side is, you guys (Peerless members and friends) all make up for it :) Which is why even though I have nice guilds in over half a dozen games, I spend most of my time on Peerless <3

Finally, I don't spend my time writing in order to offend anyone (at least I don't intend to). My goal in writing is to give players (whom I care about) more information with which they can decide for themselves that Maplestory's grindfest is not fun, but merely an addiction. Once again, this is not saying anything about the socializing aspect of Maplestory. Whether the socializing aspect or community in Maplestory is genuinely fun or horribly immature is the subject of another article which probably won't be written by me.

Thoughts? Also, before you respond, please also state which MMO/regular games you have enjoyed or played.

Yours truly,

13x Dark Knight and Founder of Peerless Guild - GMS Bera
Formerly played and enjoyed: Guild Wars (lvl 20 De/Mo), Lunia (lvl 55 Sieg), Atlantica Online (5x Axe Main), Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake III Arena, Starcraft, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Street Fighter III, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy 1 through 9 (except 2 and 3), Super Mario 64, Zelda series, tons of Super Nintento classics, and countless other games I won't list here :3
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whoa Peerliss.
You are loved, you know that right. Hahaha
I agree with most everything you said. sometimes Maple stresses me out. Even when I seem to hurt people feelings causeI may be busy to talk. Doesnt mean I dislike you.. I like being in this guild. You are a caring good leader to care so much to write this.
well talk to you on the world of maple.
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Dreamy Ghost
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well i read the first paragraph and i agree 100%
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I'll start off with...
I play a game call "Soldier Front" too.
It's not like "Maple Story"... all you do is running around, killing waste.
it's a FPS.... FPS [First Person Shooting], so make some fun out of it... i guess...
Okay now for what you just said Peer..
I'm 100% agree with you..
Yes, "Maple Story" is a waste of time...
It'll make you want to play...and it can be addiction to some.
Yes...Nexons/Wizets rules is terrible, but I think they did that because
they want you to play more....
Finally... My only thing of playing "Maple Story" and other games.. is because
I have to much free time and I want to complete my goals... If I was in high school..
I would have quit already and won't be writing this... I'm going to hit High school after
summer, so I guess it would be the end of my GAMING LIFE. :P
Edited by Shendi, Jul 26 2008, 06:52 PM.
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Axe Stump
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i Couldnt agree anymore Peer, i read the whole thing and i Fully Agree with every asspect of this artical,

one of the facts you stated ''Start a new game but people said they dont wanna start over'' is really true, MapleStory is a GAME , ethier way u Enjoy it, the way i seen my blist react when a scroll fails or they die or d/c from a serious boss run, they pull the frustration on buddy chat, seein how can a game make somone so angrey??

And another thing. Im sorry if i offend anyone But i think The people who play maple now Really Treat this game Like high school, more then a game

With there pathetic Bullshit Drama, and realtionship problems ( Im not agnist Realtionships on maple) Just People are forgetting this is a game

Im sure if u look up the defintion Video game on the urban dictonary it will Explain to you..

And another thing, Nexon never really Did Give shit about its gamers, or costmers . all they want is Money , If you think im one of the other people who complain about nexon Hear me out

1. How Long has it Been since the Wedding Glitch has been out ( if you dont know what this is, its when a couple divroces and one of the couples want to remarry sumone eles they have a 50/50 chance of getting gliched and not able to get married * ive known alot of frineds that has gotten this*)

This glitch has been around for about a good 16 Months now. and nexon Hasnt even cared to look in it

2. Nexon still hasnt fixed the Guild glitch or notice (its been about a month now)

3. is it me or does nexon place Nx items more then patchs or fixs of glitch each server check

4. Nexon Has failed to look into hacker reports Scam reports or Ks reports ( u ask the diffrence? there is no diffrence all those 3 frustrate ur game play THEY ARE NO DIFFRENT )

5. Nexon Put a Curse filter to Stop Profanity But they never pay atteinon to the perverted Super megaphones made daily

6. Nexon Doesnt even read the logged tickets

My Conclusion about nexon is THERE GREEDY FUCKING PIGS...

Im sorry about the language Peer, It just frustrates me so much that Nexon gets payed so much, But doesnt give anything back to us.

Playing Maplestory Since beta BEFORE BERA was out, this game wus enjoying. Really not anymore, Everyone is about Grinding keep there Reputation, and gettin Cred on a game.....

What happen to the fun , Has there ever been a time like the old days were just a bunch of random buddies would party up and go kill random monsters , for the fun of it Just like the old days how bunch of noobs would party up see how far they can go in the dungeon of Sleepywood. what happen to that fun?

This game has changed all about NX, you cant enjoy the game without NX, This game really is not free..

The avg Nx Costumer perchases about 50-100 Dollers OF nx Monthly, Those same people Rant About WoW Being monthly.. WoW is only 15-25 dollers a month to play... You do the math folks....

Sorry for making the reply so long Just had alot on my mind , exactly like peer

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Zombie Mushmom
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Wow, peerliss. Our complaints are mutual.

Note: It's pretty late and instead of trying to organize my thoughts, I just want to type them out freely. I apologize in advance if it's a bit hard to follow...

Allow me to first give a quick sketch of my gaming background and experience. MapleStory is the only game I play right now and is the only game I have ever played, period. I own no video game console, and thus I have not played any video games for that matter either.

One of my biggest pet peeves about MapleStory private servers is not the fact that they exist, but that Maplers are abandoning their characters on the real game to play a private server instead. I can understand how obviously painful and arduous it is to grind for hours just to get 20%. Go play a PS to get the 999999999x EXP rate, and you'll spare yourself the agony. I can see how you cry a little inside every time you spend another $25 on pixels. Go play a PS and you can get all the NX goodies for free. But really, is that why you play MapleStory? Is it really all about leveling? As peerliss stated, if your goal was to get 200 as quickly and easily as possible, you may as well just hop onto a PS.

About leveling... I'm not sure what my goal level is, and frankly I don't plan on setting one. Long ago, no one knew what the maximum level was, but now that 8 have attained it in Bera alone, we are all aware of the reality of MapleStory. The game has an end. What happens when you reach 200? Nothing. You can't earn any more EXP, and the best thing that you can do is maybe smega-congratulate your 19x friends when they too reach 200. I'm a pretty fast leveler nowadays due to 2x cards, but if I don't have a friend to train with or talk to during those 4 hours, I have no will to stay logged on.

MapleStory thrives because its players are all interconnected. Parties and Party Quests exist for multiple players to train together. Buddylists and Chat/Whisper exist to encourage communication and friendships. And of course, Guilds exist to unify players under one roof. It is virtually (no pun intended) impossible to be completely "solo" in a game like MapleStory. On the most basic level, you cannot play without seeing another player (hence, MMORPG). With all of these functions MapleStory has already set up, it is natural that playing the game means more than poking monsters with a sword 100 pixels long. The game, as peerliss explained, has emerged as a social community, where training/leveling is just an add-in feature. Those who keep playing are the ones who can acknowledge that.

I've been on Maple for 4 years now (albeit summers), and I'm still not "bored" and ready to shut myself in the realm of a PS. It's surprising, too, that it's still the only game I play...

- Diana

P.S. Another complaint I have about Maple is how it can really bring out the worst in people. An ex-guildie of mine told his father to STFU because he was trying to train during a 2x EXP event. Another, a priest, was at Jr. Newties and left a heavy object on his spacebar to spam HS. He went away to take a nap, and when he woke up, he discovered to his horror that his mother had removed the object from the keyboard. He screamed at her, extremely "pissed" that her action cost him a valuable 20%.
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Ribbon Pig
[ *  * ]
Nexon is banking on us like crazy.

BUT, on the other hand its a virtual game which has people behind the characters that are playing them.

you meet the nice people in the game and who knows nice in real life to, and you meet the "bullies" of the game which happens to be the the soft people of the real world that act "hard" in the game....

i stick to the game because of the nice people that i love to chat with :) cough (peerless) lol. and i've built a great bond with the people and guild of the game that its hard to let go of and i think it speak for everyone in this guild and the game.

so logging on is mandatory lol.
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The fact that us DrK's use the same old skill from lvl 70 - 200 is mad... I've always wondered why there's no PQ's for high levlers... Do you think E-Mailing to Nexon would help? Like they give a damn?

Some things I agree to, but a few I don't.
Private servers ruined the whole thing about Maple Story, while someone spends years to achive their goal, somebody else playing a private server does it in one day...

I don't just play Maple Story. I play Warcraft 3, Call Of Duty 2 & 4, flyff, kartrider =]

PS. You'd make a great game programmer Peer :P

PSS. We love you =] Thanks for creating Peerless, it makes MapleStory 10x fun to play =]
Edited by Spikerman1, Jul 27 2008, 01:52 AM.
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The head troublemaker
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Hmmm, to tell you the truth, I have a bit different view at PS. I think, the only good thing in private servers are GMs. There are GM events everyday, and I think its fun. Isnt it strange, that I played MS for 2 years, Im 100 lvl and I didnt ever see a REAL gm? Nexon should split their group so half would work on new items and maps, and half will make events. And you cant tell players who want to be 200 at global to go and play PS. If I would be 200 lvl in 2 hours, I wouldnt be happy with it couse it is nothing hard and 9999999 other people did it too. People who lvl to 200 with 1x sure can be proud of it, couse they really did something. And I agree to all of you, that nexon really cares about money only. Heh, heres how will new patches look in future:

Hello Maplers!
New things added!
Cash shop items:
- Unban yourself, and be back on rank!
- You dont need lvl limit, now you can lvl up to 999!
- Now you can become a GM!
- New skills! You can kill up to 10 maps with only one click!
- and much new cool CS things
Happy Mapling!

Greetings, Taz ;]
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[ *  * ]
We should mail this to nexon -or- put this on basil,
so others can see it too [Any other site that talk about maple story]. :P
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Horny Mushroom
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Hello Peerless!

I dont feel like doing this, but I have too. In this moment I have a feeling where I want to quit maple, but also play maple. Sound stupid, right? Anyone else have that feeling, or had?
Im quitting because of that maple is really getting boring, I remember before when I loved to play, it was much fun, now I cant see the fun with the game anymore. Now since im not grinding anymore, lately the last 2~3 levels was just because of bossing, I really dont like grinding, taking to much of your life. Isnt maple like that?

But now I can see that VERY, I mean VERY many people which is my nearest friend quit. And too see that make me wants to quit. I cant find the fun with maple anymore, all I do is to login, talk with some buddies and jump over a npc, bored huh? Only thing that maybe make me play sometimes is when I can pap after 24 hours or zakum, but anything else is just boring and stupid. Thought this game was meant for fun, not to be boring.
Now, I want to say everyone that im going to quit after my last zakum run, 31 july thursday. Im also quitting because I found out that maple is just something thats ruining my life. I have friends, I have girlfriend, I have everything I need irl, so why do I play maple? In lately ive pushed my friend more outside and played more maple, and I figured out that maple really ruin my life.

Also my new important school is starting very soon, and I want to quit maple a decent time before that so it wont be hard at school. I should start enjoy the life, I had it so much better when I had a break on 6 months before the christmas than I had those 6 months after christmas.
If you readed this, I hope you understand me. I wanna get maple off me, everyone know that maple isnt really healty on other way too.
Sorry if there is bad english somewhere, english is my second language so please understand (:

Have fun guys, im starting to enjoy the real life more!

Before it was like I quitted, but just toke zakum runs and boss, but when I do that it just make me want to play more and more, I dont want to, the first 10 days will be hard without going on maple(Yes too addicted, but not anymore soon.)
But I hope that after a time, maple wont be in my brain anymore :p

Quitting maple thursday 31 july, after the run.
[Maybe ill return? But at the moment, I actually dont have much to return too]
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[ *  * ]
Man.... I post a lot :P
Alright, like Sasa English is not my first language...
quitting before my school date start.
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Hey peer, this thread has made me think more about Maplestory and why to continue to play.

List of games I've played:

Diablo 2
Battle Field 2
Counter Strike (css, cz, cs:1.6)
Combat Arms

Theres more but its just too many to list ( about like 50 more :blink: )
Edited by EvoEp, Jul 27 2008, 10:44 PM.
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peer i agree with u completely and wats weird is i started playing maple to get the stress in me out during the school year but all the crap that happened the past few weeks to me made me relize....MAPLE DOESNT DO SHIT TO MY STRESS ISSUES O_O;;

but now thats i got 1 month of summer vacation left..... x]

anyways peer if i can make a suggestion

guys some of u know this already but u can play free online on the Wii and the PS3... (im starting to think thats the only reson people buy the ps3....and kingdom hearts 3 too) anyways

my idea is we can do the same thing we do on maple exept on the Wii / PS3 where the games are funner
for example, i kicked nel's ass in bawl on the wii today and i couldnt stop laughing


vent + online + all of us = fun time together,

:) all im saying now is.........................
play Wii and/or PS3 cuz i got both @_@;;

fun online games on the comp : WoW, silk road, gunz
fun online games on the Wii : so far the best is Brawl
fun online games on the PS3 : hmm most of the gun games
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The head troublemaker
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Jul 28 2008, 02:05 AM
fun online games on the comp : WoW, silk road, gunz
fun online games on the Wii : so far the best is Brawl
fun online games on the PS3 : hmm most of the gun games
Yup, but everyone isnt as rich as you...and I dont have any of em.
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[ *  *  *  * ]
I agree with everyone completely. but my question is. what can we do?
T__T I know the answer is nothing.
I really do wish that nexon cared more..

By reading this I realized that I should get out more. -.- Im letting maple take over my life way more then it should. It is starting to get old and im not even bishop yet. I still have some things to look forward to..but after 120.. then what? Lvling so i get more skills but.. everythings been done. The thing that gets to me is that everyone is already so high so its not like im gonna be the first or even 100th of anything.

Everything has been done.

And when I think about Why I want to lvl...
-To hang out with my friends (mostly higher then me)
-To survive boss battles (only kinda fun thing ish)
-Become bishop.
-Get genesys hehe Its pretty
-Do more dmg.

oh and btw. I am never reaching 200. Ever. Im not even trying for 200. I think its pointless... I dont wanna get to the end T___T;;

But its not worth the time and effort we put into it. (and even real money for some)

Theres no getting back all the money poored into this game...and when you think about it... its so pointless! Spending money to "look cooler?" Guilty.
Im never going to get back the hours playing when i could be outside enjoying life. Anyone agree with me at all here? ><

It kinda feels nice to say this... but I dont think im going to quit yet. I might play a bit less though. I feel like im ignoring my hunny so when i reach bishop I might be on less.

I have to say though. The main reason I play, Is friends <3
so thanks all of you for keeping me on cause without you.. i might be playing some other boring game ;DD

Love you all from peerless~ you make the game so much better!
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[ * ]
i feel the same way. whats the point of showing off how high lvled u r to lowlvls when you consider all the time and money you spent in it to make it.

Zelda games > maplestory :D

but they have bad replay value D:
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
I agree with most of the things you've said peer but I only have a few things that keep me playing maple.

Some of my friends irl play maple and they're active as well. If you remember my long time inactiveness last summer, that was because my friends stopped playing too.

What really keeps me going now is:
- the fact that I (ashamed*) have 2x which is ... well expensive for pixels.
- Brandish.
- back when we GPQed (one of the first ones) I asked Peer, are we ever gonna be able to kill that boss? He answered me with "of course! I'm going to keep on making sure this guild becomes one of the top and maybe we can kill zakum too!" That pretty much inspired me because I haven't met someone before on maple that showed that much dedication while being a 7x guild leader.
- I still can't zakum effectively. I've always wanted to Zakum with Peerless since i was 4x, 5x. Pap-ing with Peerless used to be a big goal too, but before I got to 8x, everyone's done it already that i just lost interest.
- BL and Gchat. Driving force of my unboredness.

Maple has screwed up my life somewhat. For example, I had to yell at my brother for lagging me with YouTube watching on another computer. I died and I completely just lost it and yelled at him. I've had an argument with my mom for doing the same thing. 2x exp is just something that I like because it's easy to level, but in the end, I'm just pouring more time anyways.

Why is there a notice that says take a break at 3 hours when 2x cards are 4 hours in length... So we try to level all in that 4 hours and ruin our social lives!
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A big nub in Combat Arms
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Yeah, I agree 100%. I quit Maple a while ago... And I say... Nexon is a company run by evil monkeys who took over wizet... <-----*cough *cough* ... Anyway, Maple is boooooooooooooring....... And I'm bored about 90% of the time anyway...
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Oddly enough, I find online Netbattle and Kaillera communities to be more friendly than 80% of Maple players, who are either grinding, annoying noobs or being jackasses. Maple isn't a serious game, it's just AIM or MSN with free roaming and happy anime graphics. I've semi-quit, as levelling is really becoming dull. I only PQ and chat now.

To Adonis (opinionated here, please don't flame), nobody I know has enough money to splurge on WoW, Wii games and PS3 games (KH2 was severely overrated, KH1 was good though) without feeling too guilty. I only have a PS2 with many borrowed games, a Gameboy Advance SP and a Nintendo 64 (which is the best console of all time, I dare you to argue). Brawl online is fun, WoW gets boring after a couple months (I have 4 friends who all quit after 3-5 months, and all got to level 70). Yes, those games are better, but they aren't free. If you tell us to go and play one of them, maybe paying for the console would be good too, since we don't all have that kind of money. No offense meant at all.

To Aragorn, Nexon and Wizet are separate companies. Nexon is the publisher, and Wizet is the developer. Nexon is what Asiasoft is to SEA, if that helps.
Edited by titanDA, Aug 14 2008, 03:20 AM.
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