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Viewing Single Post From: Peerless Power Rankings v2.0
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Black Kentaurus
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I got really bored I decided to do a version 2.0 of the PPR (Peerless Power Rankings) (click here for the original version 1.0 by peerliss)

Peerless Power Rankings

The rankings that are listed on here will be updated constantly based on the official GMS rankings.
Current pictures of your character will be coming from the Official GMS Rankings.
If your character or just your (nick)name isn't on here and you want it to be, reply here with it and I'll add it.

Sorry if I forgot some names, it was a little bit hard keeping track of everyone's name so feel free to reply to the thread and I'll be gladly to help you adjust it!

-Taken from previous PPR and did a little bit of editing-

Posted Image Deadman9o (Elli) - 190 - Paladin
Posted Image xClericRosyx (Rosy) - 184 - Bishop
Posted Image ANBUkakash1x (Nel) - 177 - Shadower
Posted Image ffcloudff7 (Cloud) - 175 - Hero
Posted Image Squidw0rd (John) - 173 - Night Lord
Posted Image Pigsnout (Wes) - 170 - Bishop
Posted Image bebejo (Nana) - 170 - Shadower
Posted Image Tuango (Tuan) - 170 - Bishop
Posted Image Kaniela808 (Kani) - 168 - Bowmaster
Posted Image Sh1kamaru30x (Tuan) - 165 - Night Lord
Posted Image BryBear (Brian) - 163 - Arch Mage F/P
Posted Image Oblivionnite (Adonis) - 165 - Bishop
Posted Image RockCleric (Rick) - 159 - Bishop
Posted Image xBonzaiTree (John) - 157 - Bishop
Posted Image DeathSinLord (Danny) - 159 - Night Lord
Posted Image Cucky (Armando) - 156 - Bishop

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Edited by SaeNguyen, Nov 24 2009, 04:17 AM.
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